February 18, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Setting up of China, Kazakhstan, Anzali corridor with the arrival of the first commercial cargo to the Caspian port with the presence of two countries authorities

Chen Shixo, Director of Business Administration with Iran and Iraqو Director General of the Department of Contracts from the Chinese Government Construction Engineering Company, Jainho, Deputy of Trade Administration with Iran and Iraqو Tian Zheng, CATIC Director in Iranو affiliated state-owned holding company of AVIC in the field of aerospace, engineering and construction, machinery and housing construction met with Dr. Reza Mesroor, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organizationو and they were discussing about investing in infrastructure projects, tourism, railways and ports by taking advantage of the capacities available in Anzali Free Zone.


According to report of Dr. Reza Masroor with the arrival of the first consignment of goods to Caspian port via from the new corridor of China - Kazakhstan-Anzali in the near future with presence of authorities of  two countries this corridor will be activated. The relations between Iran and China are strategic and bilateral and now a large number of Chinese companies are active in manufacturing and trading section in the Anzali Free Zone and we are cooperating with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and  have many memorandum of understanding with Chinese companies, with regard to volume of trade between Iran and China we are trying to pass Silk Road from the China-Aktau-Anzali route so that Iran to be one of the paths of this Corridor.


The head of the board of director of the Anzali Free Zone Organization further emphasized that the region is the only free zone in the north of the country Stating that connection of Rasht's rail to Caspian Sea is one of the most important infrastructure projects in the transportation sector, with regard to the capabilities of the Chinese delegation it is possible to reach agreement on the construction of the rail road of Rasht to the Caspian port with the investment of the Chinese company.


Mr.Masrour referring to the importance of infrastructure projects and the Caspian port for the development of commercial relations stated that Construction of a docks at the Caspian port as well as a logistics park and industrial state to be built at the hinterland of Caspian port are another opportunities to invest in the area are by the Chinese company، Anzali Free Zone is also located on the Nostrac Corridor. By taking advantages of combination shipping more goods can be transported to different parts to Asia and Europe in a shorter period of time.


He emphasized that the most important corridor for the Silk Road was the route of China-Kazakhstan-Anzali Free Zone. We are ready to cooperate with the Chinese government's construction company in investing in tourism, hotel, water park and other recreational, tourism and development complexes.


Chen Shixo, Director General of the Department of Contracts from the Chinese Government Construction Engineering Company in meeting noted that our goal of being in Anzali Free Zone is getting familiarity with investment opportunities in the area stated that  Anzali Free Zone and the Caspian port have a high potential and we hope this region will continue to grow rapidly, and we will also contribute to the development of this region.

He pointed out that our company is the largest construction company owned by the Chinese government with an annual turnover of 180 billion dollars and we are currently operates in 120 countries and regions; we are designing construction and infrastructure projects, If the terms of the contracts are appropriate, we would like to invest directly in the projects.


director of the business administration with Iran and Iraq and director general of the department of contracts from the Chinese government construction engineering company, he further expressed his pleasure in attending this region pointed out that: Our company is working on Silk Road and we are interested in working in this area and given our valuable experiences, if there is a particular project, we are ready to cooperate.


At the end of the meeting, the deputies and managers of the organization were present، The Chinese delegation visited the Caspian port complex, marina dock, aquarium complex with foreign investment and Iran' branch of Iran Yong China company one of the world's largest fire-fighting appliances.

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