March 27, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The booths of this organization will be assigned to credible Iranian brands in commercial complexes

The chairman of the board of directors and the managing director of the organization announced assignment of the booths belonging to this organization in commercial complexes to reliable Iranian brands in the year of supporting Iranian goods.


He referred to the plans of the organization to support Iranian goods this year, he said

In addition to the implementation of the legal and regulatory advantages created at the district level, which has boosted the tourism business of Guilan province, the organization has given Iranian brands special privileges to supply their products in the trade and tourism phase of Anzali Free Zone.


Managing director of the organization by referring to the supply of Iranian products in the trading complex of the region, said now more than 50% of the products supplied in these complexes are domestic products, some part of these products is being produced by Anzali free zone producer.


He evaluated 54% of tourists entering to the Free Zone of Anzali in Nowruz 97 as clear fact that show position of the region's trade and tourism phase has been consolidated as one of the main destinations for tourism in the province, this is a good opportunity to introduce Iranian quality goods in the regional trading complex that result to the introduction of domestic quality products and promotion production units and increases job opportunities.


Organization's support approach to Iranian manufacturers over the past years by implementing legal incentives and providing expert advice, Over the past year, over 10 importers of garments have been converted to the manufacturer in the region, and now they offer their own products at their own stands.


Mr. Masrour said taking advantages of the benefits and legal exemptions of Free Zones is a suitable platform for Iranian producer to supply and export their products. In support of Iranian producers which lead to more employment and strengthen the national economy, The Anzali Free Zone Organization succeeded in implementing support and incentive plan over the past four years, Anzali Free Zone Organization has returned over 60 stagnant industrial production units to the production and cycle of the region and the country, In addition, the country's foreign exchange earnings increased.

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