March 27, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Increasing Consultations and Economic Cooperation of the Association of Investors of Anzali Free Zone with Turkmenistan

Asghar Amani, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs of the region along with delegations of active companies in the region  during the President's visit to Turkmenistan attended in this meeting and the negotiated with government and private sector directors.

Asghar Amani talked about his presence in the High ranking Official on the visit of the President to Turkmenistan, by expressing that this group, representing the private sector of Anzali Free Zone, introduced the benefits and investment opportunities of the only free Iranian zone in the Caspian Sea said holding numerous meetings with the country's public and private sector managers was the most important achievement of official invitation for bilateral visits by the Turkmen parties, following coordination with senior managers of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, the timing of these visits will be followed up.

He said about his visit to Turkmenistan's Minister of Commerce, in this meeting we talked about the benefits and exemptions of Anzali Free Zone Organization provided for foreign investors and Turkmens and investment experiences of private section Iin this region  which was welcomed by the Minister and the delegations for the presence of Turkmen economic activists.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs of Anzali Free Zone announced that the second  meeting of  the Economic and Social Council of the private sector was with the managers of the Turkmenistan Avazeh Tourism Area, The meeting was attended by government executives of this area and talked about the development of tourism between the two regions according to the capacities and opportunities of two side, which is more accessible on the basis of mutual interests and history. Good negotiations took place, and the Turkmen side called for continued negotiations to operate in the areas of tourism, he said.

He said, In addition to talks with Turkmenistan's public and private sector, effective meetings was held with Mojtaba Khosrowtazh, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade and Head of the Trade Development Organization about export capacities and capabilities of Anzali Free Zone in relation to Caspian Sea countries in particular Turkmenistan. It was decided that the continuation of negotiations for the implementation of this important issue will be carried out in the Office of Trade Development in Tehran.

It is worth mentioning that  the Anzali Free Zone Trade delegations included Managers of Sirang Tejarat Iranian, Members of Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs, the Managers of Iran'Novin Insurance Company and a number of Iranians businessman in Turkmenistan.

Economic Activists and Producer of Anzali Free Zone in line with the organization's development plans attenuated at this high-ranking economic board of our country was headed by the president Said Mr.Amani ,we believe that the infrastructure and added value created in the region in recent years has created unique opportunities for playing an effective role in the Guilan province by focus of the Anzali Free Zone in transaction of Caspian sea.

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