February 18, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
With the support of Anzali Free Zone, 22 new products entered into the country's software market

Engineer Musa Jazeb, head of the research and development department of the Engineering Company of the Transaction Century, which operates in this area, by announcing that with the support of Mr. Masrour, we introduced 22 new Software to the software market of the country, he stated that one of these software’s is The first smart marginal park management system in the country, which one of the most important achievements of this software removing Parking meter from cities.

 Referring to the fact that this software will be the first system for managing the marginal car park management system in the country, he said, Citizens who benefit from this product can easily find and use the necessary space to park a car. At the same time, organizations and institutions will be able to manage all of the city's peripheral park space and receive the necessary statistics and information.
 The head of the research and development department Engineering Company of the Century Transaction of Anzali Free Zone described the capabilities of this system said: The beneficiaries of this system will be connected to bank ports or with their electronic wallets to pay park fee or payment of any kind. On the other hand, the system is equipped with an advanced USSD system for any payment operations and reservations without the need for the Internet.
He said that the technology of current park meters is outdated and will be removed next year in the country. For example, the Tehran Deputy Director of Municipality's Transportation has come to this conclusion, which step should be taken towards smarting and using technology for the beneficiary of the citizens, and this is great work, they have ordered to cancel the parking meter system. 
Mr. Jazeb referred to advantages of this system can connect with this smart system with any communication device (with or without Internet) to pay for your car park fee quickly. 

The director of the Knowledge Base Company in Anzali Free Zone said that the marginal park management system has potential to be presented in international markets, and also we could provide smart city and e-government with this system, One of these systems can be intelligent intersection control system, production of information kiosks, the production of smart bus stations and the tourism portal, and dozens of software applications in different areas of smart city and e-government.


  He said  comprehensive investment system, a comprehensive engineer management system, a comprehensive green card issuing system, comprehensive tourism system are other products of the company,  the system GIS, Electronic service port, City View (Street View), Comprehensive cemetery System, Intelligent Bus Station, intersection intelligence Control system, Smart Intelligence Kiosk, Comprehensive Property Management System, Conferencing System, different types of motor vehicle traffic systems, Intelligent marginal park system, Urban management and management system Software for mobile phones in line with e-government and smart city, Intelligent marginal park system, Urban management and employment management system.
 The head of the research and development department Engineering Company of the Transaction of century pointed to the support of chairman of the board of directors and managing director from to the knowledge-based companies. During two and a half years of activity in this region, the diversity of our product from one product has increased to 22 products in the software market of the country.
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