October 1, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
In government week 53 project of Private Sector and Anzali Free Zone Organization were inaugurated

On the sixth day of the government week were inaugurated 53 Infrastructure, rural development, tourism project of private sector and Anzali Free Zone with over 3500 billion Riyal investment and direct employment for 891 people in the area with the presence of Dr. Morteza Bank advisor of president and secretary of the High Council of Free Zones, Dr. Reza Masrour, Chairman and Managing Director of the Organization, Dr. Arsalan Zarei, Governor of Guilan and a group of provincial and national officials.

According to report  5 industrial units in the industrial park of Anzali Free Zone, with a total investment of 170 billion riyals of the private sector and direct employment for 50 people was formally put into production circuit and also two production units were opened in the industrial park no 2 of this area with investment of 63 billion riyals and the creation of jobs for 53 people.

The first small-scale power plant in the Anzali Free Zone with investment of € 5 million and € 9 million by the private sector, which is the country's 5th megawatt power plant and the first power plant in this scale in Guilan province were officially set in operation in with the presence of officials.

In the field of rural development and in order to carry out the social responsibilities of the organization and promote the standard of living in the region, at a cost of over $ 32 billion from the organization's revenues, 21 rural development and rehabilitation projects were launched simultaneously.

In the field of infrastructure projects, in the backyard of Caspian Port Complex with private sector investment was inaugurated 12 grain silo, with storage capacity of 45,000 tons with  total investment of 500 billion riyal and 2 oil storage tanks with store  capacity of 165000 cubic meters with total investment of500 billion riyals and 3 warehouses with an area of 11000 square meters with a total investment of 200 billion riyal and direct employment for 47 people.

 In direction for supporting from innovative, technology, and knowledge-based companies,  Thousand Hands Smart Voice Holding  company (Designer of Cafe Bazaar, Wall, etc.) which has designed and export artificial intelligence and mobile phones software in the region with 10 billion riyals investment and direct employment for 80 people.

Report said that on infrastructure and recreational and tourism facilities section is also inaugurated several projects such as Marine Sports Club of Caspian as the first marine sports training center in the country in the region with private sector investment over 30 billion riyals and direct employment for 15 people, and also Anzali Free Zone coastal landscape were opened for freight route between Anzali Free Zone and Anzali City Port in the area's Coastal Park. It should be noted that a cruise ship with the investment of 10 billion Rials of private sector started as the first ship on this route.

This inauguration ceremony was attended by deputies and directors of Free Zones High council Secretariat, members of the board of directors and deputies and directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization, and governors and administrators of Guilan's executive agencies.

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