October 1, 2020
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The first cargo for export to China was exported via the China, Kazakhstan, Iran corridor 2019/09/01
The first cargo for export to China was exported via the China, Kazakhstan, Iran corridor

With export of first export cargo to China through the China- Kazakhstan- Iran Corridor, the number of ships that have transited goods through this transit route has reached to 16.

The first export cargo exported through Caspian Port Complex consisted of building materials processed by one of the country's manufacturing units, which was shipped by Nardis ship to Aktau port via China-Kazakhstan- Iran Corridor to China. Said Reza Masrour , Managing Director of Anzali free zone organization

He pointed to position of Caspian Port Complex as the largest Iranian port of Caspian Sea which has played an important role in activating the North-South Corridor and detour road one Road-one Belt of China becoming a container hub for Caspian ports and crossing corridors via this sea is the policy of the Anzali Free Zone Organization.

The fact that container shipping has a special place in maritime transport in recent years and active ports in container operations sector have a high importance in the regional and international economy, Anzali Free Zone Organization seeks to attract container ships due to adequate storage space for container warehouse in Caspian port complex, accordingly, during this period there was an increase in the presence of container ships on this port on China- Kazakhstan- Iran corridor.

The export of the first export cargo to China via the Caspian Port Complex on the China-Kazakhstan-Iran Corridor route increased number of ships on the transit route to sixteen.

He outlined export-oriented approach of the Caspian Port Complex and pointing to supportive and encouraging polices of his respective organizations to expand exports to neighboring countries and increase transit of goods through two international transit routes crossing through this region, over past two years, Anzali Free Zone Organization has taken effective steps to reduce costs and facilitate freight transport through the Nostrac and China- Kazakhstan- Iran Corridor by signing of cooperation agreements with the Aktau and Lotus Astrakhan Free Zones and at the same time organization has introduced a new trade route between China and Iran as a bypass corridor as one belt one road.

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