February 18, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
According to acts of free zones and mutual understanding 1392/08/12
According to acts of free zones and mutual understanding

According to acts of free zones and mutual understanding tax exemption act was enforced for all economic activities and all economic activists will take advantage of tax exemption of Anzali free zone.

On a report released by public relation of Anzali fz , during a common meeting between ,managing director of Anzalifz , head of economic affairs and finance organization and managing directors of tax organization, tax exemption was enforced for all economic activities.

Mr. Masrour expressed that tax exemption is one of advantages of free zone for absorbing of investors and economic activists and enforce by all free zones of iran and should be executed in the Anzali fz too and asked all related state organization to observe this regulation.

The aim of free zones is foreign exchanges earning through exporting of goods, merchandises services and absorbing tourists, so we should apply all our efforts for accelerating investment process and absorbing investors since only way of Gilan development is removing investors problems and absorbing domestic and international investors.

He said we should apply successful experience of world successful free zones and now we are hopeful of good cooperation between state organizations for absorbing of investors.

We are also hopeful that other organization change their attitude toward Anzali free zone for increasing foreign exchange revenues via improving business environment and if there are conflict between acts and regulation of mainland and free zone, priority is always with free zone regulations.

He offered we establish a workgroup for correction value added and toll acts inside Anzali free zone area.

Dr. Molaei head of economic affairs and finance organization said that kind of relation and corporation of this organization with other  state organization is very important  since all our efforts are comprehensive improvement of Gilan province and that is possible only  by providing services to investors and absorbing foreign and domestic investors since they bring technology and foreign currency for our state.

He said that Anzali free zone is safe place for investor and we should take advantages of this potential for development of our province and government should support this organization for preparing its infrastructures.

He also offered that because of adjacency of this organization with Russia andCIS country we should establish a thought room for absorbing this area investors by corporation of anzali free zone .

Mr. Ahmadi, manging director of tax organization said after this time all economic activist by receiving their work permit will exempt from tax duty and will no need to pay tax ,and now we are ready for any corporation for improving and accelerating work and business environment inside Anzali free zone
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