February 18, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Saied Rahimi, managing director of Anzali free zone 1392/06/23
Saied Rahimi, managing director of Anzali free zone
Saied Rahimi, managing director of Anzali free zone: ownership of Anzali fz over 70 acres of its land. 

During a meeting by attendance of deputies, managers and consultants with  managing director of Anzali FZ  announced that this organization became owner of 70 acres of  its lands  that was under ownership of Kosar and its partner company, fenced area of trade phase of customs under ownership of Anzali FZ reached to 140 acres.   

He said it was a great event in history of this organization that came true after 12 years, ownership of these lands took 8 month and the owner accept to sell it under price by installment in three step and we financed it by selling our shares in free zones investment company and our booths in the Venus complex and now we can apply our plans for these lands.

Mr. Rahimi said: ownership of this land will increase my organization ability for absorbing more investors since we can grant it to investors and land seeker in the Anzali fz area.  

Mr. Rahimi expressed according an agreement between owners of land outside of fenced area and organization, license for construction of tourism, recreational and residential complex will be granted to them.   

By these measures we took a long step for ownership of under control lands and development of tourism industry in the Anzali free zone.          

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