June 24, 2019
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Ningbo great harbor is being connected to Caspian port complex by sending first cargo

First shipment of goods from Great Ningbo Harbor of China was sent to Caspian Port complex via new corridor of China- Kazakhstan- Iran.


This cargo was shipped from Ningbo port in northeastern of China to be the transfer from new corridor then goes through railway to the port of Aktau in Kazakhstan and shipped to the Caspian port complex by ship said Reza Masrour. The previous shipments was shipped to Iran from central and western of China, and the importance of this new consignment was due to its origin that is coming from eastern China, which illustrates advantage of shipping through this route from China to Iran over its current routes.


Dr. Reza Masroor pointed out that Chinese have invested multi-billion dollar in order to activate new Silk Road routes transferring of goods via new corridor from China to Iran that is one of the most important parts of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Anzali Free Zone and China's economic and investment cooperation Association, and agreements with director of China chamber of commerce for private sector during my visit to this country last month and special sessions has been hold for activating this important corridor, which is part of the new Silk Road Corridor.


The chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the organization pointed out the role of corridor in development of trade exchanges and transit of goods from China through Anzali free zone route to neighboring countries. During trip of Dr. Nobakhte vice- president to Guilan province for inauguration of Qazvin-Rasht-Anzli railway and visiting from under construction railway Rasht to Caspian Port complex and Anzali port, advantages of new Iran-China corridor that have been operated after several years of follow-up by our organization was described to vice president, and Dr. Nobakhte expressed his satisfaction with the activity of new corridor and emphasized on  the role of Anzali free zone for expansion of trade exchanges between two country and Caspian sea countries.


Dr. Masrour said about the type and number of shipment: 42 "40-foot containers that contain parts for bicycle parts, industrial engineers parts, -wallpaper, brake pad and ... that has been sent to Iran through railroad to Aktau port by December 18, and this shipped cargo will berth in the Caspian port complex.


He explained importance of this transshipment in the new Iranian-Chinese corridor as a transfer of cargo from the easternmost point of China as a fully developed region, adding that the transit route of China (Urumchi), Kazakhstan (Aktau Port) Iran( Caspian port complex) In order to create new combined routes between Iran and China by orientation of Anzali Free Zone, the increased cargo transportation capacity in the Caspian Sea from this July with the presence of the first vice president and national and provincial officials and chairs of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce by berthing of first ship on this route has officially inaugurated on the Caspian port complex.

It should be mentioned that this corridor starts from China and connects through railway of China-Kazakhstan to Aktau port and through Caspian Sea reach to Caspian port. With the operation of this corridor 10 million tons of goods can be transported, and the main advantage of this corridor is to reduce the distance, time and cost of shipping goods over the existing route through the Yellow Sea, the Indian Ocean and Bandar Abbas in southern Iran.


Ningbo is a city in the northeast of Jijiang Province of China, 25 kilometers east sea of China as one of the most important industrial and commercial ports of the country since seventh century up. It is considered as a small sample of Shanghai in the Chinese economy, and the port Ningbo has been ranked second in terms of operational capability in commercial shipments.


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