May 21, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The urgency for accelerating the process of granting bank loan approved for Takapoo plan for economic activists in the region

coincidence to cooperative week, the Occupation and Entrepreneurship working group of the Anzali free zone, with the presence of Dr. Reza Mesrour, chairman of the board of director of the organization, director general of Cooperative organization, work and social welfare of the province, managers of the operator banks of Takapoo project, Takapoo operator the deputies of the governorates of Anzali and Rasht, and the deputies and directors of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in order to reviewing the details of how to grant bank loan to the project, in the form of village employment and inclusive employment, and follow up of approvals for investment projects in the region.


Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Organization at the meeting commended the measures taken to approve loans for tourism and manufacturing employment plans and emphasized on accelerating for granting of 300 billion riyals to the economic activists of the region, and announced his organization agenda on approval of investment projects with high employment rates, with the monitoring of loans donated, it can be ensured that those loans has been used on determined projects and make us ensure of implementation of the proposed projects.


Dr. Masrour emphasized the urgent need to accelerate granting of bank loans to proposed proposals, accelerating the process of payment of facilities after various studies and considering the indicators of the banking system of the country and approval of these plans in the working groups of operating banks is essential for applicants within the framework of the law.


Abbas Alizadeh, Director General of cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare organization also presented a report on the performance of his fellow organization and the readiness of the provincial cooperative companies for attendance of the trade and commercial areas of Anzali Free Zone.


At the beginning of the meeting, Sayed Mojtaba Hosseini Nasab, head of the Labor and Employment Unit gave areport on the performance of the project at the region, then Dr Hossein Mottaqi-Talib reported the latest status of payment loans at the provincial and district level, and announced the Anzali Free Zone as the top organization for execution of Takapoo project.


According to this report 9 projects worth approximately 100 billion Riyals in the form of inclusive employment and 51 projects worth approximately 260 billion Riyals in the form of rural employment have been checked in technical committees, and so far, 300 billion riyals  projects have been sent to operating banks for payment of  bank loan, and post-bank and cooperative development banks have accounted for 50% of the facilities and loan introduced for Takapoo  plan of the region.


It is noteworthy that more than 67% of the projects presented to the operating banks in the region are in the field of tourism, In the case of funding, more than 260 people will be directly employed, at the moment; seven productive units have been introduced to operating banks for receiving facilities.


It should be noted that the Anzali Free Zone Organization, in pursuance of the implementation of Article 5 of the Working Group of the Commander-in-Chief of Resistance Economics, On providing facilities to employment plans tailored to predefined categories; a comprehensive employment plan selected by operating banks to support sustainable development and employment in rural areas by using the resources of the National Development Fund, the organization has been organizing meetings since the beginning of this year in order to make familiar of the owners of the industry and investors of the region, the economic associations and regional departments of the region with the project.

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