April 24, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
656% increase in warehouse space of the Anzali Free zone in the last four years

By providing supportive and incentive packages, the organization managed to increase its existing warehouse space by 656 percent within four years.

He went on the development of indoor warehouses as an essential infrastructure in the industrial, commercial and transit section stated that, by taking advantages and benefits and legal exemptions of Anzali Free Zone and applying the capabilities of the private sector in the region, as one of the strategic policies by Dr. Mesroor, Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization, during the past four years, Anzali Free has succeeded in building up all of the new warehouses.

The Caspian port complex is third generation type of ports and the expansion of warehouse space has been done due to presence of available land in the hinterland of Caspian port complex in order to complete the infrastructure of this port complex. A infrastructure necessary for this region to become as center for the trading goods between Caspian and Caucasian countries, On the other hand, with the development of the warehouse network, the necessary steps should be taken to meet current and future needs in the production, transit and commerce section, and also developing warehouses in the region both increase revenue warehouse for organization and the private sector as well.

 Garsashbi referred to the necessity of construction various warehouses at the region, Anzali Free Zone Organization believes that the diversity of existing warehouses in the region as an essential infrastructure, Can be one of the main rings in the field of re-export, warehousing of raw materials for production-exporting units of the region, in supporting the business network in the field of goods carried passenger goods has an effective role in regulating supply and demand.

It should be noted that we have signed an agreement between Anzali Free Zone and the Commodity Exchange, by observing standards; the warehouses of the area are approved by the Stock Exchange warehouse system, To reduce the cost of financial and time transactions in the region, in the form of a warehouse deposit certificate. 
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